Ken Schneider

Senior Vice President
Construction and Development
Office #: 708-713-2223

Biography: Ken has been with LM Construction for over 21 years and brings over 35 years of construction, architectural/engineering experience to the team. His background began in residential design and construction, continued into light and heavy industrial estimating, engineering and construction and has continued with various forms of commercial construction project management.
As a Senior Vice President of Construction, he oversees the Pre-Construction and Operations Team to evaluate bid documents to determine necessary trades and potential costs required to develop competitive bids and to ensure that all objectives are met during the bid and after the project is won. His other duties include material specifications, subcontractor evaluations and contracting, client interaction to set design and cost criteria for projects, field problem solutions and coordinating and scheduling projects.
His vast experience and knowledge comes from involvement through projects such as:
  • Public Safety Buildings
  • Light Industrial Buildings
  • Financial Institutions
  • Automotive Facilities
  • Schools
  • Worship Facilities
  • Retail
  • Municipal Parks & Recreation
  • Retirement Villages
EDUCATION:  BS Construction Technology, Purdue University
AFFILIATIONS: Chairman, Town of St. John, IN. Board of Zoning Appeals