Phil Mulder

Construction and Development
Office #: 708-713-2222
Phil [at] LMTEAM.COM

Biography: Phil is the Co-Founder and President of Lagestee-Mulder Construction and Development, Inc. created in 1990 and a Principal in Lagestee-Mulder Realty.  He is responsible for and oversees the daily operations of the organization and is involved with all projects. Phil’s duties include meeting with the clients to assist in the design process of new projects, develop project estimates, maintain client relationships, schedule and coordinate project progress.
Phil brings over 30 years of construction experience as a Project Executive. He offers a high level of expertise in working with faith-based organizations which require exceptional coordination, distribution of information and leadership for large groups of people and stakeholders.  He has built his business on trust and giving his word as his bond. He reviews all financial aspects of each project to ensure accuracy and that the client’s best interests are represented.
EDUCATION: BS Construction Technology, Purdue University
  • ICHS : Site Selection Committee, Building Committee, Foundation Committee
  • South Holland Business Association
  • Chicago Southland Chamber of Commerce
  • Deacon, Peace Christian Reformed Church
  • Building Committee, Elim Christian Services
  • Building Committee, Trinity Christian College
  • Chairman, Foundation Committee School Board, Calvin Christian
Phil Mulder